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Happy MLK [Jan. 21st, 2008|09:05 am]
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[mood |sickjust a bit of a sore throat...]
[music |Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass - South of the Border]

No work for me today, thanks MLK.

It's been a great weekend.

Matt and I did a bit of thrifting on Saturday and found a turquoise sink for our bathroom. Very exciting. Sounds crazy, but we were ecstatic. Our home was built in 1952, and was really quite stylin for its time. The owners "updated" very little. Very, very little. One thing they did do though was to remove the turquoise sink from the bathroom that has the turquoise tub, and toilet. We bought the house with the thought of pimping it out back to it's mid century grandeur. Top of the list was ripping out the plywood and plastic bathroom sink that had obviously been installed at some point in the 80's. Finding the right sink has really been a challenge. But there it was, in Guilded Salvage .  We had the back of the lid of the old toilet tank with us (we've already replaced the cracked turquoise toilet tank with a replacement one we found at the now defunct Frank's Plumbing) and the sink is a perfect match.  Now, we just need to install the thing...  blah.

Sunday we had a nice time catching up with some old friends, as we hosted brunch at our house with Bart and Ruth.  We really had such a nice time, and I've been our of the loop with them for a least 10 years!  After that, Matt, Ruth, and I hit a few thrift and antique stores.  I think we were all pretty pleased with our finds.

Today... hmmm... it's still sort of early.  I have little errands to run, and perhaps I'll stop off at few more thrift stores, maybe even meet up with the hubby for lunch.
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(no subject) [Jan. 15th, 2008|09:38 pm]
[Current Location |Home in the spare room]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |Claudine - When I'm 64]

 Happy and in a good mood.  Things are going pretty well for me.  After a long, long time and many missteps I think I really feel like my life is back to "normal".  I'm with a good man, we bought a house, and living the simple life I've always wanted.  Dinner parties, bus rides, movies, a few drinks.  Things are good.  Yeah, so my job is a bit of a misery, but it's not my passion.  Just living and doing what I do every day is.

The house is what I've always wanted.  We're living in a fantastic Mid Century home, built in '52.  It's not a ranch, it's not a rambler.  It's just very "modern".  It had to be pretty cutting edge for the time.  I'm finally living in the not too distant future, sans jet-pack and servant robot.  Not what modern is, but what modern was.  A world of cardigan sweaters, green Formica countertops, turquoise toilets, and a plethora of pocket doors.    But really, things are good, and I feel like I'm "home" here.  It's been a really long time since I've felt that sense of home, but I have it again.  Happily spending my free time searching out old records in second hand shops, finding vintage bits and bobs to furnish our kooky "modern"  house, and settling into life as an aging suburban hipster.

Matt has been a constant surprise to me.  It took me a good long while to ever believe I'd meet someone like him, but I did.  Yeah, he's not a geek (all my pals can groan about that) but he's been keen to watch Doctor Who and Torchwood, and is actually pretty excited to see series 2.  Sure, dating other geeks and fanboys can make some thing easier, but compatibility has to come into play somewhere.  Sure, Matt can't tell me Batgirl's secret identity, but he makes up for it in other ways.

Miss Zira is doing well too these days.  After having most of her teeth removed a few weeks ago, she's making he way to recovery, and learning how to gum her kitty kibble.

I've had a few drinks, this is probably rambling a bit.  I'll write more later...  Time to watch some Who before bed methinks...
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A True Story, by Jeff Ovik [Jan. 8th, 2008|10:34 am]
[Current Location |home]

The Scariest thing happened this morning.  It was about 5:30 AM and I woke
up to "YOU ARE AN ENEMY OF THE DALEKS!".  It woke Matt up too.  All of my
Daleks are on the top of a shelf in the spare bedroom down the hall, there
is no way Zira could have set one off.  It went off again, "NO OTHER
WARNING WILL BE GIVEN!".  I asked Matt, how's it going off, and I asked him
if he was doing it.  I thought maybe he had brought the remote control into
the bedroom with him.  He said no.  So we both got out of bed and got
dressed very quietly.  My heart was pounding as we walked towards in the
spare room where all of my Daleks are, we approached the shelf and as we
stood in front of it, it went off again, "EXTERMINATE!".  I'm not sure what
the deal was but the foot tall Dalek Sec must have had a button stuck or
something.  I knew both of us had initially thought someone was in the
house.  I told Matt, he thought we were having a home invasion and I
thought we were having a Dalek invasion. 

It was a little freaky though, since we've been a bit on edge lately
anyway.  There was a home invasion on New Years Eve in our little first
ring suburb of Robbinsdale that ended in one of home owners being murdered.
It was pretty close to us, but a long way away in a sense.  Robbinsdale is
split in two, divided by hwy 100.  We're on the West side of hwy 100 which
is practically in a suburb called Crystal, the part of Robbinsdale that is
on the East side of hwy 100 is right next to "North Minneapolis" which is
really bad news.  So when we heard that Dalek going off, I know we both
thought someone was in the house. 

For a "We", waking up to a Dalek going off was one of the scariest things
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Celebrate the death of Jerry Falwell [May. 15th, 2007|09:34 pm]

I've been home sick the last few days with a bug, so when NBC broke into Days of Our Lives with a special report, I was less than amused.  Turned out, that report ended up being the highlight of my day.  Judge for yourself, but I don't think this man deserved to live... damn that's harsh, but...

  • After the September 11, 2001 attacks, Falwell said on the 700 Club, "I really believe that the pagans, and the abortionists, and the feminists, and the gays and the lesbians who are actively trying to make that an alternative lifestyle, the ACLU, People For the American Way, all of them who have tried to secularize America. I point the finger in their face and say 'you helped this happen.'"
  • As for homosexuality, Falwell remarked, "AIDS is the wrath of a just God against homosexuals."
  • Falwell remarked about gay protesters, "Thank God for these gay demonstrators. If I didn't have them, I'd have to invent them. They give me all the publicity I need."
  • During the Civil Rights Movement, Falwell was a supporter of racial segregation.  He said this about Martin Luther King: "I do question the sincerity and non-violent intentions of some civil rights leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mr. James Farmer, and others, who are known to have left-wing associations."

It's a shame he lived as long as he did.  If there is a god, any sort of god I'd believe in would have killed that fucker a long time ago.  Sorry, I can't change my mind about him just because he's dead.  Oh well, if it hadn't been this wack job spewing this sort of shit, it would have been someone else.  Seems like people are looking for that sort of mindless scapegoatism on some level I suppose.  If only his death put an end to the "Moral Majority" crap he put in place.  Right wing nut jobs.  Why oh why do I live in world with so many scary Christians?!?

I've spent my time at home downloading documentaries and sleeping mostly.  I just watched a program about Global Dimming, and I think we're all dead if we don't change virtually everything we do and how we do it.  Slowing Global Dimming, thought bad, shields us a bit from the full brunt of Global
Warming.  So, even though we're cleaning up the atmosphere blah, blah, blah... the planet is still getting warmer.  So, what is one person to do.  I'm as guilty as the rest.  I own a car.  I'm not a vegan.  I shop.  I consume.  Still, I don't drive my car much, I walk to work.  I buy 100% wind power from Xcel Energy.  I recycle.  Hmmm... but there's still too many of us grabbing after the few precious resources and space on this planet. 

So personally, what's been going on?  I haven't done a LJ entry in months.
Rytch contacted me, wanting to resume our relationship that he had already ended twice.  I wasn't about to give him the opportunity.  All that time away in China, he goes back home to Pittsburgh, and then he contacts me.  It had been a year.  It just shows, some people just create drama, and I told him many times, all I've ever wanted was a simple drama free life.  Then just a few weeks ago, he was in town.  He came over for a beer, and we chatted and it was nice, but painful and hurtful.  Still, it was hard to dismiss him, once you've been close to someone, it's really hard to not have feeling for them, at least for me.  I guess I'll always miss him, and I guess we'll always have that connection.

OK, enough of this... there are other things going on.  Happier things.  Matt and I have been dating for a year tomorrow.  One year anniversary.  YEAH!  Really the most drama free relationship I've ever been involved in.  Just the simple boy meets boy sort of thing.  Still, don't they always start well, lol?  No but really, things are good, and I expect them to just get better.  If only he thought Doctor Who was cool... errr...

Speaking of Who, I've been enjoying series 3.  I like Martha, but I don't love her.  She's OK, but I miss Rose.  I don't miss the sort of  we were just in there snogging sort of looks that Tennant and Piper had on their faces everytime they left the TARDIS, but I miss the chemistry that Piper and Tennant had.  I just don't see it with Martha and the Doctor.  I'm not sure why they're together.  Maybe it's just me... 

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... too early to be awake... [Oct. 4th, 2006|02:23 am]
[Current Location |sitting at my coffee table in the living room with Miss Z...]
[mood |sicksick and awake]
[music |watching documentary about a lost Peru Civilization on PBS]

No matter how sick or how exhausted I may be, I should NEVER go to bed early, ever. This happens ever time. I started not feeling well today, so by the time I got home from work, and then went to my accordion lesson, I was exhausted. I went to bed at 9:00 PM (foolish boy).

So I wake up at 2 AM and I had the strangest of dreams. I always seem to remember by dreams more when I'm feverish...

First off, I had a dream that the Earth had been invaded by some unseen aliens. I don't remember a lot of the details, just that hopeless feeling of, "this is it, civilization over". I had some vision of another world made up of people who looked like animals, and how the aliens had them all lined up, and they were being divided up into their categories. Cat like aliens moved to one line, zebra like aliens in another line. Then, after I had this vision, I dreamt I was speaking to a friend on the phone about what we all going to do, now that the earth had been invaded, and during the conversation, I started surfing the net, and read that the whole invasion was a hoax. Whew-luck that!

Then I dreamt that I had to go to Rytch's apartment (yeah, I know, he dumped my ass 6 months ago!) to shut off his DVR (which he never had, he never even had cable). So I went there to shut it off. It was his apartment and it wasn't, I'm not sure why that happens so often in dreams, but that was the case. The key to his door was in the lock, so I let myself in. Inside, he had left a lot of stuff, like he was coming back at some point. I remember being struck by seeing things that I had left there, like my handwriting on Yatzee scores that he had posted on a bulletin board. By his phone, I found an envelope full of checks and some money. The checks were from his friends and family, some in pretty large amounts. I assumed they were from a going away party he had before he left for China. Then I was panicked, I didn't know what to do, because I thought I would need to contact him somehow to let him know that he had left thousands of dollars behind. It seems odd that I dream of him some six months later, but it's not like it's been the first time, I've seen him a lot in my dreams since he left. The last time, I dreamed of him, he showed up at my door, with every other significant boyfriend I've ever had, wanting to "work things out again". Nah, this dream seemed really different because Rytch wasn't in it. Nowhere to be seen. Maybe I've seen the last of him.

Accordion lesson tonight went... ok. I'm at a bit of an impasse at this point. I think I really need to put A LOT more practice into it in order to see any improvement at this point. Learning the Chicken Dance by the time of Sarah's wedding on November 11th seems unlikely, although more attainable than the Doctor Who theme by Chicago TARDIS. I don't even understand the sheet music to that to even attempt to play it.

Wow... well it's 3 AM now, I'm going to go back to bed and try to sleep for a few hours...
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State Fair [Aug. 26th, 2006|08:28 am]
Went to the Great Minnesota Get Together yesterday. Actually took the day off of work to go. It was a good time.

The obvious question is "What did I eat?". Well...

1. Pronto Pup ($3.00)
2. Coffee ($3.00)
3. Deep Fried Cream Cheese Pickles ($5.00)
4. Vanilla Malt ($4.00)
5. Egg Coffee ($1.50)
6. Giant Ice Tea ($2.50)
7. I got an Oscar Meyer weiner whistle for free

I was pretty excited to see the windpower exhibit in the Eco Experience building. I have been trying to switch my electircal bill to 100% windsource energy for a while, and they had a handout with a postcard that makes switching really easy. It will only cost me about another $10.00 a month to do it. Funny, as I'm writing this, I have the 1973 Doctor Who classic, "The Green Death", in the DVD player.

The Brig says - "Cheap petrol and plenty of it, exactly what the world needs."

Jo responds - "No, No! It's time to call a hault. It's time we all awoke to the alarm bell of pollution, instead of sliding down the slippery slopes of... whatever it is."

Sure, Jo's a bit dopey but in 1973 Doctor Who was preaching the dangers of pollution. Now, some 33 years later, we're just as bad off.

Hmmm... with taking a day off of work, the weekend is still young. I had a whole day of activity and it's only Saturday!
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(no subject) [Jul. 24th, 2006|10:21 am]
[Current Location |desk @ work]
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |the hum of people printing on reams and reams of dead trees]

Had a nice weekend. Started out on Friday with Ms. Angela coming over and making me some nice dinner and watching more Who. She’s almost finished with series 2, bless her. She has just the last three to go!
Saturday, Matt and I went to Galactic Pizza, then Angie joined us and we watched the Art Car Parade. That was pretty amusing. 
Watched the first episode of Life on Mars and was pretty impressed with it. It left me very excited to see more of them. Ahhhh… Brit TV is so much more interesting than most of what we have here. Sure, there are always exceptions, but generally our television is crap in comparison.
I met up with Robert on Sunday and we went shopping. Mostly clothes shopping for me as I have really started to feel pretty bad about the thin rags I have been wearing to work these days. Someone at work even commented that the pants I was wearing the other day should be moved to the “outside work” collection. So, it wasn’t just me noticing how bad my clothes have gotten. Picked up some old She-Hulk appearances for the collection at a comic shop, a few used seasons of Aqua Teen REALLY cheap, and some groceries.
I decided to go see An Inconvenient Truth last night. It was the most relevant movie I have ever seen. Umm… we’re all going to die… It made me rethink everything I had done that day. Driving around shopping for garbage really. Just stuff. Things to fill my apartment with. As I walked in today, I saw everyone with their disposable coffee cups and cell phones and blackberries and iPods in their giant SUVs. It’s not just the greenhouse gasses, it’s everything we do. We shouldn’t live like this, and I’m as guilty of it as anyone as I sit, overfed in an air conditioned apartment full of useless junk. Consumer crap. The consumers will be the consumed. I walked by TARGET downtown. Two stories of wall to wall things that we’re told we can’t life without. Products made so poorly that they are now disposable. Disposable shoes, DVD players, hand mixers, furniture. People go in there every day and pick the shelves clean, and trucks come every day to fill them back up. That’s just one TARGET, that doesn’t take into account all the TARGETS in the city, in the state, in the country. TARGET is just one chain. We live like civilized savages. Ugg… I need to stop consuming. I need to do something different with my life.
Depressed after last night’s movie, I fled to the Townhouse to see Troy do his best Mama Cass. Ahh… simple diversions…
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(no subject) [Jul. 15th, 2006|05:11 am]
[Current Location |Mom and Dad's Farm]
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |Flash Gordon is on behind me...]

Woke up early, had the most vivid dream, about Rytch.  It's been four months since I've seen him, and I have no idea why I still miss him.  How can you miss someone when they treat you that poorly?  5:00 AM and I can't sleep.  So, I've made some coffee...

Here at my parents house.  Mom is still at work, Dad is still asleap, I fed their peacock some grapes, and now I'm watching Brian Blessed kick some ass in Flash Gordon on Encore.

More coffee... more Brian Blessed...

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misc updates... [Jul. 13th, 2006|09:32 pm]
[mood |melancholymelancholy]
[music |NPR]

So much has happened the last few weeks.  Too much to really try to summarize it all properly: 

* Billie Piper left Doctor Who last Saturday in Doomsday, and I was sad.  I'll miss Rose (and Jackie!!!)  

* I got to see Shaun and Nick a lot while they were here for Convergence.  

* Been to a Jewish wedding (makes me want to be Jewish and get married just for the chair dance).  

* I finally got a new coffee table at that retro shop in St. Paul, Swank.  

* Found myself watching women's tennis (funny what you pick up from other people).

* Strangers with Candy wasn’t as bad a movie as I thought it would be.

* Helped Troy move, now he's just a few blocks away.

* Kind of had it out with Mike.

* Kind of had it out with Matt.

* Kind of had it out with Angie.

* I'm supposed to now play an A note on the accordion.  I only have 5 fingers Randy!    

Had some dinner with Angie tonight, and we went to Trader Joe's which was cool.  I used to know someone who went on and on about that place, so it was neat to see it for myself.  I got some Two Buck Chuck (well... Three Buck Chuck here in Minnesota).  Drinking it now.  I've had worse, I've had better.  At least there is booze in it.

Should really see the folks at some point this weekend.  Haven't been up there for a few weeks. 

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(no subject) [Jul. 9th, 2006|01:00 am]
Hmmmm.... just back from the con, Convergence.  Tired.  I need a drink but nothing in the house.  A trip to the Dragon is in order.  Maybe I'll write more when I get back...
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